What's More Important . . . the Wedding or the Marriage?

This week, through Sunday, it's National Marriage Week USA (did you know that?). So, amid all your scurrying around in planning for a romantic Valentine's Day, allocate some of that scurrying around time for your marriage, too.

Here's a great article in USA Today, today (as the late broadcaster Paul Harvey used to say).

All parents know that girls dream of the grand wedding and all the associated expenses, but the Feb. 10 USA Today article says newly married couples should be sure to prioritize in the family budget some money for dates nights, trips away, etc. Remember, it's the Marriage, not the Wedding, which is most important to a couple's long-term success in lasting love.

To view the article, click here.

David Dunn
Oklahoma Family Policy Council
Board, Marriage Network Oklahoma

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  1. So true! Keep the communication & fun alive! It can save a world of heartache later.. We have learned that the hard way! Check out our site for a great National Marriage Week gift set we are giving away! =)