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I ran across a very interesting church project the other day. Two Christian churches -- one in Branson, Mo., the other in Phoenix, Az. -- have launched a joint marriage ministry project in their respective churches called TWO IGNITE.

It all started a couple years ago with several couples from across the country and 3 key questions they asked of themselves. Their initial questions were:

1) When someone says ‘Marriage Ministry’ you think _____?
2) Where would you rate your marriage on a scale of one to 10 _____?
3) For a marriage ministry to work in the local church, it would have to be _____?

After wrestling with their answers, these two churches have since developed an extensive, fun, challenging, couple-based, ongoing program of marriage ministry for interested couples who attend their churches.

Over the course of the year, they are thematically covering 12 key topics that are critical to every marriage. They call these dozen key marriage topics IGNITERS. I think the churches have been tackling physical health and fitness for married couples this month.

The marriage ministry team at these two churches are creating excellent resources, sharing information, and developing webisodes which follow 12 participating TWO IGNITE couples (of various ages) around as each of these Igniters are presented and implemented (think a tasteful version of Reality TV). Well-known Christian author Dr. Gary Smalley, and his wife, Norma, are one of the couples. A blog chronicles the church-wide and couple experiences in both Branson and Phoenix, too.

Learn more, and check out their Web-site at:

TWO IGNITE just might help to ignite a more comprehensive approach to marriage ministry at your church!

David Dunn
Research & Project Director, Oklahoma Family Policy Council
Board Member, Marriage Network Oklahoma

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  1. As churches we are going to have to learn to work together in coalitions to accomplish more for the Kingdom of God. This is a goal of Marriage Network Oklahoma and we are finding that together we can make a difference so that even smaller congregations can meet the marriage needs of their families.