If the marriages of Christians are to be so joyous and fruitful that the world wants to know why are we different, what will they look like? We will have to discard the patterns we have seen in the movies and on television. We will have to seek and entirely new concept and use that as a new blueprint.

Our Author and Finisher must have more in mind for us that what we have seen in recent years when the statistics for marriage in the church is very close to those of the world. Let us find His plan and follow it closely.

The Apostle Peter describes our Lord as a “Living Stone” and also says that we, too, are “living stones” being built into His temple of worship. (I Peter 2). If we are going to build healthy and joy-filled marriages, what are we using as building material?

A living stone looks like a great jewel, pulsating with color and light from its many facets. Some of the facets are honor, humility, joy, patience, forgiveness, and faithfulness. Are we building our homes with these?

If we will become a “house not made with hands”, a marriage and home that glorifies the Lord, then we must build His way as He instructs us, day by day.

- Carol Gordon

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